Who are we?

The Regliance Conferences are developed by The Platinum Network in partnership with Mohr World Consulting, by a dedicated & professional team with experience in the international money transfer & cross-border payments industry as well as in the events industry. The team that has brought you the IMTC Conferences is proud to bring to Regliance the experience built around the development of the well-known Money Transfer Certification Course and IMTC’s compliance & regulatory afternoon roundtables at IMTC WORLD, the largest gathering of the industry in the world. On the crossroads between Compliance, Regtech and Regulation and under the guidance of Regliance’s Compliance Council, we bring you the best conference in the field.

Regliance’s vision is to be the event where all the colleagues from the industry can network, partner, learn, share information and together, strengthen and grow the financial services industry worldwide. Our growth is the result of the growth and broadening of the Non-Bank Financial Industry & its Banking Partners in more than a decade. From cross-border financial services, such as Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Foreign Exchange firms, Banks, Payment Processors,Mobile Operators involved in financial services (MMOs), fintechs, as well as a large array of institutions, brick-and-mortar or digital first, blockchain-built and/or powered by cryptocurrencies, this is where you are meant to be. Join us!

The Compliance Council

We can’t thank enough the commitment of our Compliance Council Members for the constant advice they provide us in order to make all our projects and ideas successful endeavors. Their mutual respect for each other’s expertise, the respect of companies and colleagues in the industry for these distinguished individuals makes us proud to have them at our side.

The Council does not engage in decision-making related to our events and The Platinum Network is liable for every detail of the events that we carefully plan, but their suggestions, guidelines, and opinions are considered and discussed. As industry influencers, their advocacy and outreach are crucial to our mission.

Regliance Compliance Council

Amy Greenwood-Field

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Joe Ciccolo

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Daniel Wood

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Zory Muñoz

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